Cambered Hubs

Our Red5 Engineering cambered rear axle hubs were originally made for the Sunbeam Lotus and can accommodate up to 5 degrees negative camber. These hubs will fit most live rear axles, including Atlas, English, Chevette / Manta, etc, with a larger version available for high horsepower / high torque applications, such as the Camaro, Mustang, Aston Martin, etc. and are available as part of our complete axle building service.

For extreme duty applications, the hubs can be specified in 7075 aerospace alloy and half shafts can be supplied in 300M aerospace steel.

These hubs have proven to be very strong and reliable, and for the serious competitor, at extra cost, wedge plates can be provided to give a range of camber and toe in/out settings.

Brake callipers can be radial mount or lug type.

Rear Axles Cambered
Cambered Hub Angled
Cambered Hub Axle Joint
Cambered Hub Wheel Studs
Cambered Hub On Axle Side
Full Axle With Cambered Hubs
Cambered Hub View Through
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